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Compassionate Child Custody Attorney in Danville

When parents separate, child custody arrangements become important. It can be very difficult to proceed, which is why working with a child custody attorney in Danville plays a key role. At Helton, Walter & Associates Attorneys at Law, we strive to keep the child's welfare at the forefront and develop creative parenting agreements that work for the whole family.
It is the court's purpose to determine an outcome in the best interests of the child, using child custody laws as guidance. This typically involves joint parenting arrangements. In some cases, such as when there is abuse or problems with drugs, there might be third-party custody or sole custody. When parents live in different states, there might be issues due to multistate jurisdiction.
One way to help reduce some of the issues surrounding child custody cases is to determine a plan with the other parent prior to court. However, when you are unable to come to a solution, then it is important to prepare ahead of mediation or court.
Child Custody

​Helping Families Understand Visitation Law

Child visitation is when custody is given to one parent but there is a visitation agreement under the child visitation law. When the noncustodial parent skips parenting time or otherwise breaks the agreement, the other party can apply to the court to change with the help of a child visitation attorney. The noncustodial parent can also apply for help with a child visitation lawyer in order to get visitation rights. The schedule is determined by reviewing the individual circumstances, including the age and health of the child and whether there is relocation after divorce.

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