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Estate Planning

Our Attorney Helps Danville Families With Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for everyone. Working with an estate planning lawyer in Danville can help you navigate through the issues at hand, including whether you need to create a trust, so that your loved ones do not have to worry about contested wills or estate litigation. This makes it much easier for those who are left behind, especially during a difficult time of grieving. At Helton, Walter & Associates Attorneys at Law, we provide services to help you plan your estate, create trusts and write your will. We also help those who require estate litigation, including for any contested wills or contested guardianships.

Wills and Trusts

There are laws surrounding wills and trusts that help to secure the desire of the deceased. Those who pass without a will have their estate handled by the succession laws of the state. These laws do not take into account the wishes of the deceased, nor do they care about minimizing tax liability and other issues. Writing a will specifies to whom you want to leave your estate and how it should be divided. The inheritance tax and federal gift tax that your loved ones might have to pay on your estate can be quite high, taking away a significant amount of the assets you leave behind. One of the most commonly used tools to avoid some or all of these taxes are trusts. There are other estate planning tools you can use to help minimize the tax burden of your beneficiaries. If for some reason there is a problem with the trust, working with an attorney can provide you help, including trust litigation.
Estate Planning

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